Alejandro Gómez

Senior Web Engineer | Javascript | React | Remix | Vue

I am a Web Engineer with over 15 years of experience in Web technologies, particularly in Front End.

I've had the privilege of working for companies that have had a significant impact on the global economy through the internet. These companies have aided the growth of small entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses through the platforms they offer, from AB testing, online reservation applications, to online advertising.

My greatest passion as a Software Engineer is building high-quality web products. I enjoy getting involved in all stages of development, from project planning, discussions about product specifications, interface design, architecture, and the technology stack, to construction, testing, and implementation.

I like working through the process from start to finish, prioritizing user experience and product quality.

I’m an advocate of the Kaizen principle, which promotes the idea that constant, incremental improvement is the key to achieving lasting and impactful success.

My mantra is “Progress, not perfection”.


Helped Freestar to maintain and bring new features to the Main Dashboard, used by their internal people, the Ad Associates, to deliver the best service to Freestar Publishers, working alongside Product Managers and a highly skilled cross-functional team.

I also was part of the team that built the next generation of their Public Dashboard, the main interface to the Publishers that served cutting-edge data reports, in a record time of 3 months within the company’s history.

Stack & Skills

  • VueJs
  • VueX
  • ES2022
  • Element+
  • CubeJs


Helped Spot2nite to maintain their Reservations API Services as well as helped to build their first version of the Public Web Reservations Page, using React and NextJs.

One of my duties as Full Stack Engineer was to learn and connect their internal API ecosystem with external Parks APIs, dealing with the challenge of normalizing external data schemes to adjust into our internal schemes, as well as orchestrating the communication with different data flow pipelines for the different Parks API providers.

Stack & Skills

  • React
  • NextJs
  • Material UI
  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • PostgreSql
  • Docker


Lead UI Developer at Convert, helped the company to maintain their UI Apps at peak performance. This entailed continuous development and enhancement of their Web Dashboard, which has served their clients over the years. Additionally, I was tasked with aligning the product with market demands by incorporating the necessary features.

I also helped Convert to iterate their Web Dashboard through 3 main generations. We started the first version in 2012 (I was a contractor by then) designing an SPA using jQuery. Over the time we evolved alongside the tech industry using different Javascript frameworks, such as Ractive and React, taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies and design patterns to shape the User Experience with Convert customers.

Stack & Skills

  • jQuery
  • ES5
  • ES6
  • RactiveJs
  • React
  • Material UI
  • Php
  • AWS DynamoDb
  • MySql
  • Vagrant

Method Exists

We developed a Rich Data Application from the ground up for our primary client in the Canadian oil industry. Our objective was to deliver Real-Time Data Applications utilizing Web Sockets and an SPA. We created a comprehensive library of complex UI components using Ractive as a Reactive DOM javascript library.

Our main challenge was to deliver a huge amount of data to be updated in real time by the user, rendering a nested structure of complex Web Components in the shape of Web Forms and Rich Data Tables, such as how Google Sheets works. We had to iterate through some versions of the app to achieve the performance and speed the client needed for their daily data transactions.

Stack & Skills

  • ES5
  • RactiveJs
  • MongoDb
  • NodeJs

Side Projects

This is a recopilation of some of my side projects

The Broker

The Broker is a lightweight UI to display data from the Marketstack API. You can use it with your own Marketstack API keys to view general data on your web browser. Give the project a star if you like it.

The Oneliner

A random joke generator. It's made with Remix, Prisma and PostgreSql. It uses the Unsplash API to fetch some random pictures with people smiling. The BD is in Vercel. The app is hosted in Vercel.


Paisania is a platform that wants to connect travellers with small communities within Spain. We are advocates that a conscious travel experience is about connecting with people, and being respectful with the place we're guests in.

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